External Research Grants and Contracts

  1. Co-PI: A. Spanias, PI G. Raupp, NSF OISE – IRES Track I: Sensor Information Processing and Machine Learning for Wearable Devices, ASU-DCU, Award 2107439, Funded by NSF Award $300k, April 2021-April 2024.
  2. PI: A. Spanias, Co-PI: C. Tepedelenlioglu, RAPID: Collaborative Research: Covid-19 Hotspot Network Size and Node Counting using Consensus Estimation, $100k, 2032114, June 2020-22
  3. PI: A. Spanias, Co-PI Turaga, Tepedelenlioglu, Rajan, NSF CPS – Solar Array Monitoring using Machine Learning, $600k, Sep. 2016-Sep. 2021.
  4. PI: A. Spanias, Co-PIs C. Tepedelenioglu, S. Goodnick, R. Ayyanar, J. Kitchen, Q. Lei,  MRI: Development of a Sensors and Machine Learning Instrument Suite for Solar Array Monitoring,  $500k (includes 150k matching), NSF 2019068, Aug. 2020-Aug. 2023.
  5. PI: A. Spanias Co-PI J. Blain-Christen, NSF CNS RET Site: Sensor, Signal and Information Processing Algorithms and Software, $557k, Feb. 2020-Feb. 2023.
  6. PI: A. Spanias, Co-PI W. Barnard, NSF OISE – IRES Track I: Sensors and Machine Learning for Solar Power Monitoring and Control, Award 1854273 Funded by NSF Award $300k, April 2019-April 2022.
  7. PI: A. Spanias, Co-PI J. Blain-Christen, NSF CNS – A SenSIP REU Site on Devices and Algorithms, $330k, Jan. 2017-Jan. 2021.
  8. PI: A. Spanias, Co-PI Turaga,NSF IUSE Program on Sensors, $480k,  2015-April 2021.
  9. PI: A. Spanias,NSF I/UCRC SenSIP Center and Industry Consortium Phase 2, $336k,  2015-July 2020.
  10. PI: C. Tepedelenioglu , Co-PI A. Spanias, NSF 1307982,, Arizona State University Distributed and Robust Estimation for Cyberphysical Systems, 07/17/2013-7/16/2016, $372,629.
  11. PI: A. Spanias,Co-PI C. Tepedelenioglu, NSF      1308052  Arizona State University  GOALI: Intelligent Networked Solar Panel Array, 09/09/2013-9/8/2016, $378,962.
  12. PI: A. Spanias,Co-PI C. Tepedelenioglu, NSF Fundamental Research on Sensor Fusion Algorithms, $198k (24MOS), July 2012 – July1014.
  13. PI: A. Spanias,NSF I/UCRC SenSIP Center and Industry Consortium, $336k,  July 2010-July 2015.
  14. PI: Andreas Spanias, Co-PI R. Ayanar, NSF Award 816701, Java-DSP Software Development for Multidisciplinary Research and Education – Phase 3, $1.2 M, Start August 2008-End August 2015.
  15. PI: Andreas Spanias, Co-PI S. Goodnick, NSF Award 0730810, EXP-SA: DSP Algorithms for Silicon Ion-Channel Sensors, $400k  (36 months), Start August 2007-End August 2010.
  16. Co-PI A. Spanias,, NSF Award CCF-0830799, NSF Theoretical Foundations, “Biomedical Innovations Using  Implementation-Aware Agile Sensing and Signal Processing,”  PI: Antonia Papandreou-Suppappola,  Co-PI: Chaitali Chakrabarti., $375k (36 months), Start August 2008-End August 2011.
  17. PI at ASU; A. Spanias,, NSF Collaborative   Grant  (JHU/Purdue/ASU)):  J-DSP in Astronomical Time-Scale Measurements “An Astronomical-Calibrated Time Scale for the Mesozoic Era,”  $500k (ASU portion 184k – 36 months), NSF Award  0719714, Start October 2007-End October 2010.
  18. Co-PI A. Spanias,, NIH- Collaborative Grant UC-R and ASU by NIH sponsored for $1M, May 2007 (Co-PIs: Mulchandani, Wang, Bakkaloglu, Spanias) “Wearable Nanosensor Array for Real-Time Monitoring of Diesel and Gasoline Exhaust Exposure,” Start  September 2007-End August 2010.
  19. Co-PI A. Spanias, PI: T. Rikakis, Co-PIs: J. He, H. Sundaram, W. Sauvigne, NSF IGERT: “An Arts, Sciences and Engineering Research and Education Initiative for Experiential Media,”  $3M, 0504647, Sept 2005-Sept 2008.
  20. PI: Andreas Spanias, Co-PIs: J. Zhang, Papandreou, C. Tepedelenlioglu, NSF, Collaborative proposal on J-DSP development, ASU leady with URI, UTD, UWB and UCF as subs, $425k  (ASU share $315k), April 2005-April 2009
  21. PI: Andreas Spanias,CO-PIs T. Duman, A. Papandreou, C. Tepedelenlioglu, “A CRCD in Signal Processing for Communications,” NSF CISE, DWJ0064, $ 300,000, 2004-August 2006
  22. PI: A. Spanias, Analysis of the MXP Architecture, GemTech Systems, $12,000, Jan 2004-June 2005
  23. PI: Andreas Spanias,CO-PIs T. Duman, A. Papandreou, K. Tsakalis, L. Karam, “Java DSP – Extensions to Communications Advanced DSP, Controls, Image, NSF, JRA-0001, $ 424,770,   Jan 2001-Jan 2004
  24. CO-PI; A.S. Spanias, PI: C. Balanis and 4 other CO-PIs, NSF, “Smart Antennas,” $458,100, Sept. 2000 – Aug. 2002.
  25. PI; A.S. SpaniasIntel Corp., “Distributed Voice Recognition System for the PC,” $58,100, Sept. 1996 – Jan. 1998.
  26. PI: A.S. Spaniasand CO-PI: J. Sadowsky, Analysis and Implementation of CDMA Mobile Communications, Amount: $241,457.00, Intel Corp., DWT 0011, Aug. 1996-Aug. 1997.
  27. PI: A.S. Spanias, Development of Universal and Interoperable Speech and Audio Compression Algorithms for Multimedia and Teleconferencing Applications, Sponsor: Intel Corp., Amount: $177,354, Feb. 1995-Jan.
  28. PI: A.S. Spaniasand CO-PI: J. Sadowsky, Implementation and Integration of the Speech Codec, Channel Coder/Decoder, and Signaling Protocol on Prototype DSP Chips, Intel Corp., Amount: $243,500.00, DWT 4630, May. 1995-Aug. 1996.
  29. PI: Chaitali Chakrabarti, CO-PI: A.S. Spanias, “Special Purpose Architectures for Speech Coding Algorithms-Phase 2,” Sponsor: Motorola Inc,   $15,000, Aug 16, 1995- Aug 14, 1996.
  30. PI: A.S. Spanias, Analysis and Implementation of Modem Algorithms on Intel DSP Architectures, Sponsor: Intel Corp., Amount: $56,939.00,  1994-Feb. 1995.
  31. PI: A.S. Spanias, Speech Enhancement Algorithms for Mobile Communications, Sponsor: Intel Corp., Amount: $37,940.00, DWT 4460, Aug. 1994-Aug. 1995.
  32. PI: A.S. Spanias, CO-PI: C. Chakrabarti, Speech Coding Algorithms for Multimedia Applications, Sponsor: Intel Corporation,  Amount: $54,728, Sept. 1993-Aug. 1994.
  33. PI: Chaitali Chakrabarti, CO-PI: A.S. Spanias, “Special Purpose Architectures for Speech Coding Algorithms,” Sponsor: Motorola Inc,  $15,745.00., May 16, 1994- May 14, 1995.
  34. PI: A.S. Spanias, Image Processing Algorithms for Teleconferencing and Multimedia Applications, Sponsor: Motorola Inc., Amount: $45,000, 1 1994-Jan. 31 1995.
  35. PI: A.S. Spanias, Development of Speech Encoding and Recognition Algorithms for the Phoenix Architecture: Phase 2, Sponsor: Intel Corp., Amount: $200,229.00,  1993-Aug. 1994.
  36. PI: A.S. Spanias, Speech Enhancement Algorithms for Mobile Communications, Sponsor: Intel  Corp., Amount: $36,130.00, Aug. 1993-Aug.
  37. PI: A.S. Spanias, Development of Speech Encoding, Recognition, and Data Encryption Algorithms for the Phoenix Architecture, Sponsor: Intel Corp., Amount: $192,781.00, CRP 92373, DWT 4473, Aug. 1992-Dec. 1993.
  38. PI: A.S. Spanias, CO-PI: Jennie Si, Performance Evaluation of  Voice Recognition Algorithms, Sponsor: Motorola Inc, $19,845.00.,  February 1993-July 1993.
  39. PI: A.S. Spanias, Enhancement of Speech Using the Pseudocepstrum, Sponsor: Motorola GEG,$39,955.00., CRP 92265, DWT 4460, February 1992-February
  40. PI: A.S. Spanias, Development and Evaluation of Fixed-Point Full and Half-Rate GSM Coders, Sponsor: Intel Corp., Amount: $233,463.00, CRP 92079, DWT 4432, Date: September 1991-December 1992
  41. PI: A.S. Spanias, “Active Noise Cancellation in Ducts, “Sponsor: Active Noise and Vibration Technologies, Amount: $27,682.00, CRP 92039, DWT 8504, Date: August 1991-December 1992
  42. PI: A.S. Spanias, Fixed Point Implementation of the VSELP algorithm, Sponsor: Intel Corp., Amount: $55,984.00, CRP 91289, DWT 4423, Date: May 1991-June 1992
  43. PI: A.S. Spanias, “Transform Coding for Seismic Data Compression,” Sponsor: Sandia National Laboratories (SNL), CRP 90009, $19,982.00,  DWJ 6150, November 1989-October 1990.
  44. PI: A.S. Spanias(and overall project director) and 13 other CO-PIs from four different colleges (CEAS, CLAS, COE, and CEE), “Multidisciplinary Research on Multimedia Technologies for Distributed Learning Using the Intel PC and the Internet,   $67,000, Intel Corporation.
  45. PI: A. Spanias and 15 other CO-PIs, “Multidisciplinary Research on the Next Generation Multimedia Technologies for Interactive Distributed Learning,” State of Arizona, ASU VPR Multidisciplinary Initiative Committee, Pre-proposal already approved,  $ 150,000 for three years.
  46. PI: A. Spanias and  Co-PI: W. Barnard,  Quantum Machine Learning Tools,  NSF 2215998, $300k, Sept. 2022-Sept 2025.


SenSIP Consortium / NSF I/UCRC Industry Membership Projects – Industry Funded at Total  >$1M

Andreas Spanias is the founder and director of the newly founded SenSIP Consortium (now I/UCRC site)

Several research memberships established as of December 2007. Phase 2 started Jan. 2016.

  • Qualcomm, $70k, 2021-22
  • PSG, 2021-22, $35k
  • ON Semi, 2019-21, $70k
  • NXP, 2021-22, $35k
  • Raytheon,(RMS) 2021-22, #35k
  • Alphacore, $105k, 2021-2022 $70k.
  • C Science & Technology Government Labs, $70k, 2020-22
  • Qualcomm, $70k, 2019-21
  • Resonea, 2020-21, $10k
  • Alphacore, $105k, 2018-2020.
  • Lightsense Technology, $35k, 2018, 2019.
  • Prime Solutions Group, (2 years), $70k, 2017-19.
  • Poundra, (4 years), $140k, 2017-21.
  • Aperio DSP, (2 years), $70k, 2017-19.
  • Sprint, Sensors and Mobile devices, (4 year renewal), $140k, 2016-2020. (Total $260k)
  • NXP, Sensors and machine learning, $70k, June 2016-2019.
  • Raytheon, Radar and Vision projects, $140k, June 2016-2019.
  • Freescale, machine Learning, $60k, April 2014-2016
  • Applied Core Technologies, $60k, Nov. 2013-Nov2015
  • Intel Corporation, $60k, Nov. 2013-Nov2015
  • ViaSOL Energy, $60k, June 2013-June 2015
  • Interactive Flow Technologies, $60k, May 2013-May 2015.
  • Raytheon Missile Systems, $240k, December 2007-December 2015.
  • Intel Corporation, $50k, June 2009-June 2011
  • Lockheed, $110k, December 2008-December 2012
  • National Instruments, $50k, December 2007-December 2009.
  • Acoustic Technologies, $50k, November  2007-November 2009